"Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it."
Norman Maclean

Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Fishes Are Not Hitting Hard

The River Didn't Run Today
Went to the river again today with Uncle Wong and Ady. The valve technician was sleeping and the river didn’t run. Without fail, the faithful Peacock Basses were still giving us the usual welcome.

But today, they didn’t hit the fly as hard as they did. So the hook didn’t end up too far in their throats. Just hooked at the lips. Good for them too, because the hook was easier to remove.

Jimmy and Harvey joined us too. There were a few sebaraus at the cement blocks and Harvey was trying to catch them.

Just hooked at the lips.

A spider web. The spider jumped into the grasses and disappeared as I approached to take a photo.

They are not hitting as hard as when the water is running.


Jay said...

Hi Fly Fisherman,

I have been visiting your site every now and then. What amazes me is that a bunch of Singapore fly fishermen use delicate bamboo fly rods made to cast to size #16 mayflies sipping trouts to catch Peacock bass with nasty looking streamers?! *grin!*

Do you have trout in Singapore? Maybe in some man made trout hatchery or even a trout stream? Do you plan to fish for trout in other countires to try out those nice bamboo rods?

WHat's your email because I couldn't find any on the site!

Jay (from Fly fishing and more)

A Fly Fisherman said...

Hi Jay,
Thanks for dropping by.
I had been visiting your blog too.
Very very nice blog.

We don't have trouts in Singapore because the water/weather is too hot. I had always dreamed that one day I'll catch a trout in another country. Always dreaming when I blog hop. At the moment, I am not able to go abroad because of the work schedule.

Yes Jay,
Chee Yung, Uncle Wong, Qwek, Jimmy, Albert, Tan Yik and many others do use these delicate bamboo rods to cast streamers and catch peacock basses. We even catch snake heads with them too.(Grin...) We also have our own bamboo rod makers.

I'd just activated my email.
Drop me a line when you want to visit us here in Singapore.
We also have a forum
where the fly fishing community keep in touch.



Aaron said...

What kind of fly are you using? Those things look great. Do you have a recipe anywhere? I would love to make some for the smallmouth around me.