Sunday, December 24, 2006

Peacock Bass Explosion

Peacock Bass Explosion At The White House
The continuous rain had caused floods at quite a few areas in Singapore. The PUB had to release the excess water at MacRitchie Reservoir into the canals but it didn't help. High tide made it worst and the water didn't clear up.

Over at the other reservoirs, the valve technicians were working overtime at all the water control outlets. The river was flowing at the New Zealand River. So is the flood gate at the White House.

Rushing water only mean one thing at these places. A Peacock Bass explosion. Uncle Wong and CY were already having agreat time catching these fishes. Today I met up with Ady and Uncle Wong again. We both took a seat at the side of the outlet of the rushing water. Like sentries, we caught and released so many Peacock Basses that I lost count. The fish were as ferocious as they could get. The fight was real hard.

What a day for fishing.

A closer look at the fly.

The sun is still sleeping as I approached the dam. Sebaraus jumped to tease me as I approached the water to take a curious glance. Then they jumped again. I lost to their temptation and went straight down the granite slope to try my luck again, knowing that it will yield nothing.
After a few casts, Uncle Wong was at the dam and I gave up my dream catch again.

Sebaraus were jumping around this granite slope.

Tried to take a picture of a distant light.......

A pair of early birds were having agreat time at the water release outlets.

Like a sentry. Uncle Wong caught and released so many peacock basses.
I joined him at the opposite bank and caught my share of peacock basses.

Everybody caught some today.

Again and again

Jimmy joined us.

Uncle Wong and Jimmy both got them again.

Harvey released a peacock bass

Jimmy took over sentry duty from Uncle Wong

Mee-kia from Ah Hock's daughter. Kopi-O from Ah Hoe.


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