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Fly Fishing Singapore Road Show

Fly Fishing Singapore Road Show
Finally we were able to show case what fly fishing has to offer to the residents in Sembawang. Q was the man who had done all the hard work to get us to reach this far. The residents were very impressed with the fishes caught. Especially when flipping through the Fred’s photo album and watching Q’s video presentation.

We have quite a gathering of Fly Fishermen here tonight. I will use the opportunity to put a name to the faces with the photos taken at the Road Show. We also have a celebrity fly fisherman in Pak Amin. He provides guide services to the most beautiful fly fishing places in Malaysia where the most exotic fishes are caught. Pak Amin also has his own range of Fly Rods which he designed himself and are marketed under the name “M Amin”. He will give free casting lessons to any one who purchase his fly rod.

The younger fishermen browsing the displays were mostly interested in the free spin-fly rig we were giving away. A look at their faces suggest that they couldn't wait to try the Spin-Fly Rig quickly at the river just in front of the place where the Road Show was held. The older ones were looking very closely at Fred's photos to hopefully identify some of Fred’s spots from the photo album. Some were even surprised we could catch those fishes right here in our own reservoirs. Many were surprised that fishes can be caught with just a bunch of feathers on a hook.

Uncle Wong and Chee Yung had an impressive display with the bamboo fly rods and bamboo rod building. Uncle Wong explaining the tedious step by step process to build a bamboo fly rod. Chee Yung filling in the stories and histories of bamboo rod fishing and bamboo rod building. We managed to put some boolonium into Albert’s blood stream. Boolonium work faster than polonium and need not cost US$10 million per dose. I can see the effects when he lay his hands on the Wayne and the boolonium sink into his palm as he manoeuvre each cast.

You don't die from Boolonium poisoning. Its even worst.

More description in the photo section. Click on the photos.

Members of Fly Fishing Singapore.

Chee Yung had printed the Spin-Fly Rig phamplets.
Eric Tan (IMX) is helping to pack the flies, sinker and the phamplet into the plastic bags.
Also some last minute constructions of the sinkers with a plier.

The Spin-Fly Rig packages all packed and ready to give away.
Albert had sponsored some beautiful flies all rigged up with leaders.
Jimmy Aw also sponsored very nice flies from his Zarach Supplies.
Thank you guys.

CY packing the Spin-Fly Rigs.

Eric, Jeffrey Lim, Yong Yun and CY all packing the Spin-Fly Rig.

YY is so helpful.

Amin's friend, Mathew, Albert, Q, CY, Uncle Wong, Jeffrey

Pak Amin's Fly Showcase

Midge, nymphs, dry flies.

A big grass hopper which I think the Kalui will grab without hesitation.

Nymphs, scuds

These aunties were asking, how did you all catch so many fishes.

Uncle Wong's boo making display

Pak Amin getting a feel of CY's bamboo rods.

Chris examine Eric's Chinese Mei Mei.
A value for money Zhu Bamboo Rod.

Fred's lure displays. Many of the residents were amazed with the catches in his photo album.

Jimmy Aw and his cute daughter.

Pak Amin. A legendary fly fisherman in Singapore and Malaysia.

From Left: Q, Chris, Mathew, Amin's friend, Albert, Billy, Uncle Wong, Eric Tan, CY, Pak Amin
Sitting: Fred, Yu Hock, Jeffrey Lim.

The Boolonium Duo.

The Boolonium Duo and their victim.

Two Fly Casting Champions demonstrating fly casting to the residents in Sembawang.
Yu Hock and Pak Amin.
With these two, the residents are getting the best you can find in Singapore.

Pak Amin explaining to the crowd.

Albert snapping away at the event.

These two fly casting maestros are ever so ready to impart their skills to the residents.

Yu Hock and Pak Amin doing the demonstration.

A christmas tree and a snowman.

Residents can get tickets here to take part in games and lucky draws.

In Singapore, snowmen are made of white cloth and stuff with cotton, like a soft toy.

A hint for this Christmas.

All I want for Christmas.

Jeffrey explaining to a resident.
He and Eric had manned the Spin-Rig table and help to explained and answered questions from those enthusiatic residents.
Thank you guys.

Pak Amin's "M Amin" rod and Eric's Zhu Bamboo Rod.

This guy got hooked already.

Face red from radiation burn.

These two young fishermen are so happy to get the free Spin-Fly Rig.
Their dad also fish.
I had a very strong suspicion that they went home took their rods and went straight to the river to try out the Spin-Fly Rig.

So is this guy.

Jaguar from Argentina.

A fast quad.

CY's new boo.

New Maldives hair do. Okay hairless-do.

Games are always a draw at Block Parties.

Just throw some balls into the cups and you'll get a prize.

"Throw it in here"

The spectators.

The emcee and Q

Pak Amin and Alberto.

Uncle Wong show Yu Hock how the strip of bamboo is planed.

Pak Amin's very own range of fly rods. Come with free casting lessons from the maestro himself.

CY spend the whole evening spreading the Boolonium.

Jimmy Aw's cute daughter.

Santa is also amazed with Q's presentation video.

Harvey si-liow-la. Kena Boolonium also.

Even little girls are so eager to try out the Spin-Fly Rig to fish.
The mum was so supportive of them fishing too.

Lucky draw is always a draw for the crowd.

Lucky draw prizes.

Chris said, " I caught a fish this big". :-)
Uncle Chui, "Mine was this big"
Ah Yeow thinking out, "Where har?"

CY's new Boo Wagon.
Last found to be radioactive.

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